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Start Your Own Forex Fund

License our Forex Software and run your own company, building your investor's portfolio. We can even help with the development of your business.

Various Pricing Models

We arrange the pricing models to suit your business. In some cases you may wish to have a profit fee, or pay a flat-rate, there's no fixed rate.

White Label

Rename the software's to be whatever you want to call them, and pass them off as your own. Grow your fund as you see fit.

Your Own Broker

Choose your own broker, or use ours. You have full flexibility on how and where to use your licensed Forex software to grow your investor's portfolio.

Control your profitability and risk.

When you license our software we will connect our master account using Social Trader Tools to any accounts of your choosing. You will be given a platform that allows you to control certain aspects of your version of the software. This includes increasing trading volume (and therefore risk/profitability), turning off certain currency pairs and even pausing the connection completely.

Amadea’s trading team monitors the market and pauses the software in times of high volatility so you don’t have to, but you also have control of pausing your software in addition to this. We don’t tend to turn off currency pairs, but you have the freedom to turn it off for your licensed version of the software.

A Direct Line To Us

Full Amadea Team Support


Lifetime Updates

Your software license will be an extension of our very own software's. Any updates that are made you will benefit from, for life.

Priority Support

You will have full access to our full-time UK support team. Either by email, phone or WhatsApp.

Software Customisation

If you're looking for a software that trades in specific ways, we can look at adjusting, back-testing and launching exactly what you're looking for to be used in your own client's portfolio.

Software Development

In addition to our team of developers creating new software we can be on hand to create your very own software if none of our EAs fit your trading style. Simply share the strategy with us and we can uncover options.

Unlock More Softwares

For private investors we only offer three software's. For corporate investors, we have an arsenal of 17 software's in total, and you can choose from any of those for use in your own portfolio.

Business Support

Our team of Digital Marketers, Designers and Business Developers can be on hand to assist you with the development of your business and FX fund. We're here to work with you for a mutually beneficial goal.

Let’s get started.

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