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Private Equity Investment

Always wanted to have your own business but never knew where to start? Well, let’s work together! You can join Amadea’s Private Equity fund from as little as $500. Allowing you to own a piece of a real business.

Amadea and our in-house marketing team invest in businesses where we can see a clear growth potential in industries that we have direct experience in. This means, you can sit back and watch as our team grows your investments to achieve an ROI unlike anything we’re capable of producing in the FX Market.

Smart Investments

All we do is win

Amadea is constantly on the lookout to invest in, and scale companies that we have direct interest and experience in. Using our talented digital marketing team that has consistently produced amazing results for every single one of our deals, private equity is leading the way in our investment portfolio regarding monthly ROI percentage rates.

We work closely with each investor, ensuring they are kept up-to-date on the progression of all of the marketing campaigns that we use to scale individual companies. With no big decisions taken without the agreement of the investors themselves. 

Invest Now
Private Equity Team
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced PPC
  • Advanced Social Media
  • CRO Professionals
  • Business Developers
Investment Criteria
  • Industries We Know
  • Industries We Have Experience In
  • A Clear Path To Scalability
  • Scalable Companies
  • Automated Income Companies
Investor Benefits
  • Account Manager
  • Regular Updates
  • Hands-off Management
  • Dividend Payments
  • Managed Admin
Managed Company Admin
  • Accounts
  • Legal
  • Acquisitions
  • Compliance
  • Risk

Average Monthly ROI


Profitable Ventures


Business Growth (YoY Avg.)


Maximum Equity Purchase


Minimum Equity Purchase


Pure Growth.

We take our private equity portfolio very seriously. Focussed on controlled and consistent growth from the get-go and ensuring we don’t invest into business without an already working business structure that is stable enough to build upon.

Each investment proposal will be sent to investors, meaning they can understand the current expected returns of the company before they invest. The proposal will also highlight the growth objectives and investors will be able to see every step of the process easily, just by contacting their account manager.  

Invest Today
Start now, and invest as little as $500 today

How do private equity deals work?

Note: Amadea works with Corporate investors, if you’re a private investor looking to invest you will need to work with our partners, SYRE Members Club. SYRE is the only partner that we work with that exclusively offers Amadea services to private investors.*

  1. Amadea will present Private Equity deals to members in the form of a proposal document. This is sent out to all eligible members directly to their email and posted onto the SYRE Members Club Discord Channel.
  2. Upon receiving the deal’s proposal document investors can choose to invest in the deal by contacting their account manager. After the funds have been transferred a piece of the company’s shareholding will be reserved for that investor.
  3. Once the deal has gone through and the shareholdings have been allocated to the investor(s), the company growth plan as presented in the proposal document will be executed.
  4. The investor can now sit back, whilst the Amadea (and SYRE) business development growth team gets to work at scaling and managing the business.
  5. Dividends get repaid out of the company profits respectively to each shareholder. The frequency of the dividends will be highlighted in the proposal documents but may be subject to change following meetings with the Amadea management team.
  6. These dividend payments will provide the investors with a constant ROI. Companies may have exit strategies in them, which will usually be highlighted in the proposal documents, but these can also come to light throughout the management of the company. Exit strategies will be presented, and agreed upon by shareholders before carried out.

*We work with other investment partners, so you can access private equity deals through them, but these groups are not endorsed by us. SYRE Members Club is the only group that exclusively provides our offering to private investors.

Do you accept Corporate Investors?

Yes, we do. We’re constantly on the lookout for new deals to present to our investors and it works in two ways:

  1. Corporate Investors
  2. Private Investors

Private Investors are individuals who invest in private equity deals. We don’t directly work with private investors, but we have partnered with SYRE Members Club. Who are the only partners that we personally endorse that allow private investors to have direct access to our private equity deals.*

Corporate Investors are businesses that represent a larger group of private investors. We work with these corporate investors and provide a slightly different share structure than we would with private investors. These deals are typically larger as there will be more investors’ capital in the fund, but other than that, they’re almost identical to the Private Investors’ deals.

What if I want a say in how the company is run?

We take on board all decisions and opinions of the shareholders of a company. After all, it is partly your company. Amadea’s team are business development experts with years of experience in growing companies. We would hope that you take on board our opinions and views, but if not then we can discuss business objectives with you and try to find a compromise. In the very unlikely case that a compromise can’t be found, then we will approach this the same way any disagreement with shareholders will need to approach this.

If there’s a disagreement between multiple shareholders, then it will most likely end in a vote. Where the decision between the majority shareholders will be the choice that is upheld.

Who manages legal issues or the company accounts?

This is all completely managed by Amadea. The only part you will need to worry about is your own personal tax position. All investors must be made aware that when you own a part of a company via shares, you are responsible for the decisions that the company makes. Amadea will be transparent about all decisions we make on your behalf so that you’re fully aware of the direction the company is heading in.

What is Amadea's usual growth and investment strategy?

We tend to invest in businesses that our team personally knows. Additionally, we want to invest in businesses that have good scalability. Businesses with a passive income allow us to minimise potential issues that could arise from expanding large teams with employees and the following infrastructure there. So instead we look into companies that allow us to just focus on digital marketing, customer service, and general development of systems to increase profitability.

Work With Us

We like to see these investments as a growing base of business partners. Where we work closely with the investors to help grow ‘our’ companies.

Big Decisions

Any big decisions will be run by all of the shareholders in the company. We see these companies as things we grow together. So big decisions will always need to be agreed upon.

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