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Amadea is strictly a B2B fund. Where we help fund managers grow their client’s investments; however, this doesn’t mean that private investors or everyday individuals can’t use our services.

SYRE Members Club is the only community we work with that exclusively offers all of our services to private individuals.

Our membership options for private investors mimic SYRE’s membership options as they are the same membership. Ensuring that investors receive the same treatment regardless on whether they’re a corporate or private investor.

Amadea works with corporate investors, these investors understand the intricacies of investing and deal with spreadsheets, graphs, and numbers all day long. Retail traders, and aspiring investors, tend to shy away from these aspects and focus on the lifestyle that it can bring.

SYRE Members Club is the best option that bridges this gap. SYRE works directly with Amadea and we go through all of those graphs and numbers. Building a private equity and FX portfolio on behalf of SYRE’s investors and other Amadea Corporate clients. SYRE is the bridge that allows everyday people who are not fully fledged investors to benefit from the investments that Amadea offers.

A Passive Income Members Club

SYRE is a great bridge between the lifestyle of those who are financially free and the money that can be made from responsible and sensible investing. You’ve no doubt seen those influencers online boasting about the gains that can be made in the Forex industry. Well, these influencers do one thing right, they know what appeals to a lot of everyday people. Those Lamborghini’s, first-class flights and trips to Dubai are all just clever marketing to generate FOMO to aspiring viewers.

SYRE combines the lifestyle that those everyday people want, with sensible investing, steering the investors within their members club down the route of consistent investment growth via Amadea, whilst offering member benefits that allow SYRE members to enjoy the finer things in life

Why did we choose to partner with SYRE?

We wanted to crack the private investor market. Amadea has only ever focussed on B2B growth and truthfully, corporate investors don't like all of the flashy Lamborghini in Dubai posting. It's true you can still build private investors without any of that flashy stuff, but truthfully, when it comes to building investors, FOMO marketing takes the lead, and we understand that.

SYRE is a great option for investors, but the branding of it just isn't in line with Amadea. Partnering with SYRE allows everyday investors to gain access to corporate-level investing software and strategies without shifting the Amadea brand. With this being said, SYRE's member benefits are genuinely great, we use them here at Amadea too!

What The Acquition Brought Into The Game

Upon partnering with SYRE we knew we could massively expand SYRE’s reach, thus providing an ROI. Here are the full features

Forex Trading Softwares

Making use of our FX EA systems to trade the market and provide a passive income.

Private Equity Investment

Working together on private equity deals, securing large funding from each investor-pool allowing for more deals.

Travel Benefits

Putting SYRE in touch with travel partners gives SYRE and Amadea Members incredible travel benefits.

Business Benefits

In addition to travel benefits we teamed up with SYRE to introduce member benefits that assist with running of companies.

Real Estate Investment

A new feature coming to Amadea that will be shared with SYRE members in the form of an investable REIT.

Business Development

By developing internal systems and streamlining of processes, SYRE’s growth is accelerating.


With a continuous investment into SYRE’s infrastructure, the growth plans for the company are being hit and rapid expansion is forming as a result.


Private investors can all join the SYRE community allowing natural networking between investors, which is valuable in this industry.




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