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Identifying pinch-points in bulk payment processing and payment calculations.

Payment Management

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Payment calculations, with bulk payment executions.

For many companies, especially those within the MLM and Affiliate Marketing Space, complex calculations need to take place before numerous payments can be actioned. This is prominent in the general investment market due to fees, as well as MLM and Affiliate Marketing companies that pay out commissions.

Having worked in this industry for such a long time, we are familiar with these payment issues. As a result, the investment team at Amadea decided to create a solution and invest funds pledged by our investors into a new company that aims to tackle these issues.

Our solution was to create a system that could calculate and execute bulk payments on behalf of clients.

We developed systems that integrated with clients’ payment services allowing for automated calculations to be made in line with clients’ needs. They provided the breakdown and parameters of how the calculations should take place and we built the system around that.

Once the calculations took place, we pushed over a command to the client’s payment gateways to action payment on behalf of the client. In some cases, this resulted in hundreds of bank accounts being sent commission funds in the space of an hour. The calculations for the commissions as well as the action of paying the accounts were completely automated for the clients.

Of course we need to think of our own clients.

The next step was how to monetise this business. In return for offering such a valuable time-saving solution to clients, we took a £1 + 1.5% fee from each and every single transaction. This resulted in thousands of pounds worth of fees each and every single month, paid out monthly as a dividend to all of our investors.

The growth potential of this company is huge. It is very scalable based on the fact that there’s no ceiling to the amount of fees taken from clients. As client’s businesses grow, so will our fee as the 1.5% that gets taken inherently becomes a larger figure when more volume is transacted.

The use of Crypto and Blockchain


Our system works with Crypto Exchanges. Which makes it a lot easier to action certain payments, especially those that are international. This allowed us to pay out commissions for an Affiliate Program via Binance directly as USDT into users wallets. All automatically.

Blockchain Technology

Using Blockchain to action payments makes sense. Our company is born and based in the UK, but deals with clients overseas. Blockchain allows us to bridge the gap in transacting overseas with smaller fees, and a faster general service.

Expansion Plans

Our expansion plans are broadening with the company. We continue to look for ways to scale the fee structure, partner with new clients, and offer solutions in the world of MLM and Affiliate Marketing, but we want to be able to use our technology to help clients even more.

That’s why we’re looking into further expansion in the following areas:

  • International Payment Solutions, lower fees, faster.
  • PAYE and Commission Automation
  • Bonus Schemes

By utilising Blockchain technology and offering a payment platform that clients can easily connect to and adjust, then we can start branching away from MLM and Affiliate Marketing companies and start approaching more traditional companies. With the income that the company is bringing in, we plan to re-invest the earnings into developing the system outwards and combining it with a marketing campaign that will attract new clients in other areas.


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