Investing Into Local Labour Infrastructure

Quick investment gains and helping the local labour industry.


Booking Sites For Local Workforce

We believe we should play up to our strengths and there's two things that we know:

1. Our Local Community

2. Digital Marketing

The idea was simple. Create a company that can generate leads for local labour companies, and dominate that market.


Launch Partners


Individual Lead Volume

How we approached this market

With a lot of experience running a Digital Marketing Agency, we worked with many clients in local labour industries. Partnering with these clients, and using our own network we managed to strike partnership deals with companies in the following industries:

  • Electricians
  • Dog Walkers
  • Plumbers
  • Building Contractors

We chose these industries as we knew that companies within these industries in our local area invest very little in digital marketing. A lot of lead generation in these industries is based on word-of-mouth, leaving digital marketing to be a chance of roulette for a lot of businesses that don’t invest in it.

With a little digital marketing know-how, we knew that we would find it easy to compete online for prominence.

How Amadea's Private Equity Works

Automated Growth

We cover all of the Digital Marketing of the companies.

Deal Handling

We handled all of the partnership deals between the investors and the contractors.

Accounts Handling

Amadea covered the organisation of the business' accounts. Investors, simply cover their own personal tax position.

Quality Assurance

Amadea holds the contractors accountable for quality of service and work, investors don't need to involve themselves.

The Results

“You guys have over doubled my current leads, keep them coming! Thank you!”

We took £10,000 of investor’s capital and got to work.

With an allocated budget of £10,000 across the board, this gave us plenty of investment to throw into marketing campaigns and securing a reliable return on investment.

The best part is, that all of the booking and lead generation websites we created are white-labeled. This means that any repeat business flows directly back through our website and adds to the ROI of our investors.

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Increase in contractor lead volume


Average Monthly Yield


Business Valuation ROI (and growing)

Continued Growth Plans

Reinvest Company Earnings Into Expansion

Unlocking the company capital may hinder the investor’s monthly yield, but all of the investors agreed that they want to go down this route to secure higher long-term yield.


Expand Into Other Industries

By expanding into other industries the investment becomes more diversified and new markets can be captured to squeeze as much yield from the chosen locality as possible.


Expand Into Other Localities

With the concept proven, and the infrastructure available we can now begin to reach out to other contractors in other localities and re-market with the same approach. Allowing for potential national expansion.