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Funded Account Passing Forex Software

Pass Forex Funded Accounts For Only £900

Our Process

Purchase your challenge with our chosen prop firms.

We have developed the HFT software to work on specific prop firms.


Purchase our prop firm passing software package.

At this point, you’ll need to hand over your account login details for us to connect the software.


Sit back and watch the software pass your account

The software tends to pass accounts in less than an hour.


100% Pass Rate

We’ve never not been able to pass, but if we were, we would retry the application completely free of charge.

Up to $900,000 of Funding Available

With our software perfectly capable of passing challenges with three prop firms we can get you access to up to $900,000 of funding.

Combine your new trading capital with our accurate and profitable gold signals assisting you with scaling and earning from your funded accounts. These signals are sent every 1-2 days, but we aim for accuracy and profitability. This is perfect for trading funded accounts to ensure minimal risk and the least amount of drawdown.