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Funded Account
Passing Service

We don’t take payments through our website, so you’ll need to get in touch to access our Funded Account Passing Software.

Feel free to email us directly or use the contact form on the Contact page.


How do I pay for the funded account?

We don’t take payment over our website, instead you’ll have to reach out to us to discuss the logistics, and then we will send you a link for payment.

Do you purchase the funded account with the funding firms?

No, we only charge for the service of passing your funded account. Purchasing and registered with the proprietary firm is down to you.

Do I need to hand over the Demo Account logins?

Yes, we can’t connect software to any trading account without having access to this account. Otherwise, anyone could connect any software to any trading account without their permission.

Is there a guarantee?

We currently have a 100% pass-rate. If for any reason we were unable to pass the trial for you, we would attempt to pass your re-sit for completely free of charge.

What to do afterwards

How long until I get the funded account?

Once you’ve passed your trial you’ll need to fill out the KYC documents. After that allow up to 5 working days and you should receive your live funds. If you have any issues, you should raise this with the proprietary firm.

How should I trade the account?

There are rules with funded accounts, the most important are the drawdown parameters. Review all of the rules before taking out a funded account challenge.

In terms of growing the account, this is completely up to you. A lot of members use our signals grow to give them trade ideas. Others may trade the account manually. It’s up to you.