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O kay, so you’ve probably heard about these things called forex trading signals. They’re like cheat codes for trading, right? Well, not exactly. They’re more like tips from experts to help you make money in the forex market. But guess what? There’s a catch. Let’s dive into the good and the not-so-good stuff about these signals.

1. Loss of Control: First things first, when you use these signals, you’re kind of letting someone else steer the ship. You’re no longer the captain of your trading journey. Imagine handing over your game controller to a buddy and watching them play. You won’t have much say in what happens.

2. Good and Bad Ideas: Just like in life, not all signals are created equal. Some are golden nuggets, and others are more like fool’s gold. Some signal providers know their stuff, while others are just throwing darts in the dark. Following the wrong signals can lead you down a rocky road.

3. Dependence and Learning: Relying on signals too much can be a bit like having a GPS glued to your car’s dashboard. It’s handy for directions, but you never really learn the routes. Trading is a learning game, and if you rely on signals for everything, you miss out on some serious skills.

4. Overtrading and Risk Management: Some signal groups go a bit wild. They throw a zillion trades your way at once. It’s like trying to juggle ten balls – chances are, you’ll drop a few. That’s not great for your risk management or your sanity.

5. Costs and Subscription Fees: Let’s talk money. Some signal groups want you to pay them. It’s a bit like joining a club with a membership fee. You need to decide if the goodies they offer are worth your hard-earned cash.

6. Emotional Rollercoaster: Following signals can be an emotional ride. When things don’t go as planned, it’s like watching your favorite team lose a game. You might feel a bit down. Emotions and trading don’t always mix well.

7. Watch Out for Scammers: Yes, you guessed it. There are scammers out there. They promise you the moon and stars but deliver, well, nothing good. Be smart, and don’t fall for their tricks.

8. One-Size-Fits-All: These signals are a bit like buying clothes off the rack. They might not fit you perfectly. Everyone has their own style, and signals don’t always match your unique trading strategy.

Good Signals Mean Better Control

But here’s the cool part. Some signal groups are the real deal. They’re like the mentors of the trading world. They focus on quality over quantity.

  • Fewer Signals: They won’t flood your inbox with a million signals. They pick out the best ones, like a chef selecting the finest ingredients for a top-notch dish.
  • Risk Management: These guys help you manage your risks. It’s like having a safety net to catch you if you fall.
  • You’re Still the Boss: They guide you, but the final call is yours. It’s like having a wise advisor, but you’re the one in charge.


So, should you use forex signals? Well, it’s a bit like having a coach in your corner during a boxing match. They can be super helpful, but there are some ropes to navigate. As a young trader, you need to decide what works best for you. Learning and making your own calls are the keys to improving your trading game. Happy trading!

Our Signals

With more than 85% Win-Rate

We take only quality trades for our signals, this results in an extremely high win rate and a good level of profit per trade. Our philosophy is that if we trade less, but with higher quality trades then we will maintain a profit unlike any other signals group in the market.

We have a partner deal with our chosen broker, where we request the tightest possible spreads and the lowest possible commission. This means that clients are entitled to as much of their money as possible in the FX Market without the broker taking chunks of profit in the form of spreads and commissions.

A strategy that can safely grow funded accounts, and private accounts.

Our strategy is a scalping strategy where we only take one trade at a time. This means that our investors are to be hands-on with the investments and we trade together at specific times of the day. By scalping Gold we can focus on one particular Forex pair allowing us to take fast trades, without overwhelming ourselves.

We trade during the New York sessions. This allows all of our investors to get ready for incoming trades which they need to be ready to execute at a moment’s notice. Trading this specific session with a specific currency pair renowned for its volatility means that we gain an understanding of market trends, enabling us to make more accurate decisions.

A Members Only Signals Group For Proper Investors

Like many other signal groups out there, we use Telegram to provide our signals. This is near-instant messaging meaning you’ll receive our signals as we place the trades ourselves. We have an entire infrastructure of systems to ensure that you get the signals promptly, so leave your notifications on and sit back whilst we run technical, fundamental and sentimental analyses on the XAUUSD pairs.

Private investors that work with Amadea will be directed to SYRE Members Club, this is the only community where you can gain access to Amadea’s signals, all under the same membership (unless you’re a corporate client of Amadea).

SYRE’s community allows you to discuss investments with other members, including other trade ideas, so investors can help one another grow.

Receive access to up to $900,000 in trading capital to trade our signals with

Using our very own HFT software we can pass funding challenges with specific proprietary firms in under an hour (unless you’re doing two-step verification, where we can pass it in two weeks). The three proprietary firms that we work with collectively can offer up to $900,000 of trading capital for you to trade.

Our signals allow you to trade funded capital, staying within drawdown parameters* whilst attempting to grow your account. Combining funded accounts and our signals is a great way to start your journey to becoming a full-time investor.

*drawdown and profitability are down to you. You choose the trading volume that suits you and inherently, you choose the risk. The most profitable traders that we work with are those who are meticulous in their risk management.

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